Is onderdeel van De Sigarenman

Cigar on the Bar. 

You know how it goes, You go to a café or restaurant to eat something, after that you take a cup of coffee and then you pay the bill and leave. You won't do this with a filled cigarbox from Cigar on the bar. Cigar on the bar delivers complete cigarboxes for free at your favourite café or restaurant that have a special place to smoke, or terrace. The cigarbox is filled with four tastes of cigars in different sizes, a cigarcutter and lighter. Like this as cigarsmoker you can enjoy a strong rum, cognac or a nice glas of whiskey together with your cigar, which makes your evening a little more enjoyable.

Your exploitant doesn't have to care for anything, we make sure that the cigarbox is filled once a week, and if needed twice a week.